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The Division 2's Personal Beta is operating

Invaded Missions, a new stronghold, 5 world tiers, and much more are part of The Division 2 Boosting what it will take to make it to the end. The picture that accompanies this seems to be at an airport, which may possibly be Washington National Airport, which has been briefly shown in a current trailer.Not many particulars have been shared regarding Operation Dark Hours, however we envision it ought to be a good time for those playwith. If you recall, during this past year's E3, Ubisoft was convinced to be aware that 8-player raids would be part of The Division 2, so there are definite interesting times ahead. It's also important to notice, however, that the first raid will not be available on launch day.

The Division 2's Personal Beta is operating this weekend, meaning a lot of people will probably soon be heading into one of those three Dark Zones found in Washington D.C. Whether it's your first time in the cutthroat PvPvE area, or you are a veteran coming from the first match, there are a number of things you will need to know before crossing the barrier and entering the fray. Dark Zone East will unlock after you hit level five, meaning you'll want to conduct a few story and side-missions before leaping in.

It isn't as simple as scaling a fence or passing through a checkpoint such as the previous game, though. Each Dark Zone has to be unlocked through a tutorial assignment that acquaints you with the basics before the full zone, and all the other players running about in it, becomes fully available.Once the intro assignment has been completed, you will have the ability to input the Dark Zone freely through the checkpoint. For extra convenience you can quickly travel to it through the map screen once it's already been unlocked, so it's worth heading straight back into the White House to update your skills and equipment before entering the Dark Zone for the very first time.
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