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MMOgo Blade & Soul

That the launcher will visit its loading splash page, after clicking either yes or  no. After some time I get the following error which occurred in my Blade & Soul customer. I receive a pop-up that says"An error report has been made concerning the status of this installed Blade & Soul client, your hardware configuration, the DDL list loaded into the memory and data applicable to another client mistakes" I've reinstalled everything, reset my laptop and even factory restored it. Changed compatibility settings and deleted the file. Nothing has worked and I've been stuck because the second beta started.

So I started playing this game awhile back when it lauched in february and now I must say that left me with a big dispointment markers as soon as I reach a degree I keep getting quited in the loading screens when advancing to some other map or area I have tryed everything literally and I can t solve it so I quited I sent a ticket to the support and they didn t resolve my problem and even seemed not to care at all play in the eu server, and so I got so angry with the game my friend actually bought a creator pack went more in the game such as 20 more levels and his match play this difficulty to wich they simply gived my buddy the refund and goodbye guy this things are gloomy after wath dragon nest eu did marketed the company to other company departing players with no only level maximum account which you can t do nothing becouse level maximum items are so expensive its complety futile, im having struggles discovering a good MMORPG for pc since now I purchased skyrim and borderlands two to amuse me. But if somebody has any solution to my Blade & Soul crashes someone tell me.When there are telegraphsthey arrive. That do not invest them unless you absolutely need to, keep your money close and said.

Near the endgame, the sum of money it takes to upgrade your weapon, spirit protect, and accessories by feeding them crap becomes extremely large, which means you'll want to conserve your coins for it as well.

Who doesn't like free items? At every two degrees or so (it becomes more spaced out following Level 18), you may gain access to  surveys out of Blade & Soul where you reply a few multiple-choice questions and fill out a comment. Completing these provides you all sorts of recovery items, keys for unsealing charms to access gear drops that are rare, and opening chests.

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