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An Insight Of The Augmented World

Posted by thirdeyegen on May 15th [url=http://www.boutiqueofficielpsg.fr/...sg-loic-mbe-soh.html]Maillot Loic Mbe Soh[/url] , 2018

Augmented reality is a computer generated environment that stimulates your experience of the real word by displaying data live in your field of view. Augmented reality makes use of visuals and sound to give the user a perfect experience of the real world in a 3D format. Making use of Augmented reality glassesenhances the experience three fold and gives a premium experience to the viewer. They can be easily used for gaming or other applications like as simulators, trainers or for recreation purposes. They can be easily carried and used because of the small size and the smart design the device has. The stereoscopic head mounted display gives separate images to each eye, an efficient stereo sound is attached to the head set and the head motion detectors are a great help for creating a perfect Augmented environment. Some newer models are seen in the market with eye motion tracking sensors and gaming controllers.

There are numerous augmented reality apps which make an efficient use of this device in varied applications like e-commerce [url=http://www.boutiqueofficielpsg.fr/...issone-innocent.html]Maillot Garissone Innocent[/url] , gaming etc. There are apps which allow the user to view the product of their choice in 3D as seen real life thus, making the customers online shopping experience more realistic and feasible. The increased use of these applications on the android platform has brought a huge revolution in E-commerce industry with huge brands such as Nestle, Nokia [url=http://www.boutiqueofficielpsg.fr/...psg-juan-bernat.html]Maillot Juan Bernat[/url] , Coca Cola involved. Such 3D apps are even a success in the architecture and artistic fields like sketching. The intense and realistic gaming applications provide just unimaginably real Augmented reality experience and create an ultimate thrill and fun quest for its users. There are numerous navigation tools which work as 3D apps in variety of situations. Like there are apps which could help you discover stars and planets in the sky without you needing a book. By just looking at the sky there are apps which will help you navigate if you point towards the sky.

Manufacturers of these smart glasses and enterprise software, Third Eye Gen helps contribute to the next generation of augmented realty for both commercial and consumer world. Delivering their services to more than Fortune 500 companies, Third Eye Gen has generated custom software solutions and integrated them directly into their smart glasses.

About Third Eye Gen:

Third Eye Gen is a hub of mixed and Augmented reality applications for their X1 smart glasses and accessories Their developer platform allows content makers to develop applications and earn revenue per app download.

For more information [url=http://www.boutiqueofficielpsg.fr/...sg-thilo-kehrer.html]Maillot Thilo Kehrer[/url] , visit Thirdeyegen.

As one of Africa's largest and most diverse countries, Tanzania is a land of spectacular beauty. One of the huge draws of Tanzania is the ease of combining an adventurous safari with a wonderfully relaxing beach holiday - a perfect combination for a truly memorable family holiday! Safari Tanzania gives you an in-depth view of the natural history of East Africa, with a special emphasis on wildlife photography. A planning for Tanzania Safari can take you to many unexplored treasures of Tanzania [url=http://www.boutiqueofficielpsg.fr/...sg-kevin-rimane.html]Maillot Kevin Rimane[/url] , the country located in Eastern Africa having the biggest land area among the East African countries.

A Safari Tanzania allows you to explore an astonishing diversity of landscapes, abundant wildlife and fascinating cultures in Tanzania while visiting the famous National Parks within Northern Tanzania. The vast open plain of Serengeti with the largest concentration of wildlife in the world and famous for annual wildlife migration, Africa鈥檚 Eden the unique Ngorongoro Crater [url=http://www.boutiqueofficielpsg.fr/...-stanley-n-soki.html]Maillot Stanley N'Soki[/url] , the spectacular Lake Manyara National Park in the Great Rift Valley with its tree climbing Lion, Tarangire National Park, famous for its eco system with huge Baobab trees and large herds of Elephants and Arusha National Parks hidden treasure on the foothills of Volcanic Mount Meru will make your visit to East Africa unforgettable.

Tanzania is a richly rewarding destination for a family safari holiday and a wonderful introduction to Africa. Tanzania is a safe country to travel in and the Safari Tanzania makes it safer with cheap packages. Tanzanians are warm-hearted and generous people and are eager to help visitors get the most out of their stay. The climate is tropical and always suitable for beach vacations and wild life explorations. The Tanzania Safari allows you to see a number of prime destinations within this beautiful and fascinating country such as Kilimanjaro National Park [url=http://www.boutiqueofficielpsg.fr/...sg-moussa-diaby.html]Maillot Moussa Diaby[/url] , the Great Rift Valley and Lake Victoria. Of course on any safaris in Tanzania you will also see an abundance of wildlife which may include wildebeest, gazelle, zebras [url=http://www.boutiqueofficielpsg.fr/...psg-colin-dagba.html]Maillot Colin Dagba[/url] , giraffes and lions amongst others.

REGIONAL TOURS helps you to experience the majestic wonders that Tanzania Safari can offer. As a local agency it has in depth knowledge on sightseeing locations, language and culture which keep high value for a successful travel trip. The specialty of us is to fulfill all the travelling tastes and desires of the visitors within the budget and to provide them the world class service which would prompt them to visit this country once more. Leave all the hassles up to us and spend your time relaxing and enjoying all the amazing places.

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    l travel trip. The specialty of us is t
    l travel trip. The specialty of us is t
    An Insight Of The Augmented World Posted by thirdeyegen on May 15th [url=http://www.boutiqueofficielpsg.fr/maillot-psg-loic-mbe-soh.html]Maill...