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At 3-5 Womens Customized Dallas Cowboys Jerseys , the Cowboys are a bad football team and we can emphatically say that without the need for any further evidence. The Cowboys latest loss to the then 3-4 Titans just so happens to be their worst loss of the season. Not because it was a 3-4 Titans team, the Cowboys weren’t necessarily in a position to expect to beat anyone. It’s the worst loss because the Titans just dominated them for the better part of three quarters. It was the most points (28) an opponent has scored on this Cowboys defense. It was also the ninth consecutive loss dating back to last season that resulted in a Cowboys offense scoring less than 20 points. Stick whatever piece of silverware you prefer into this team because they are way past done.It’s time to look past what’s mathematically possible and accept that these Cowboys are destined to disappoint. They just showed that even with two weeks to prepare, they could somehow play worse than before and that’s disturbing. There are no more excuses to uncover, no more tweaks here or there that are going to make the difference right now. No matter where anyone wants to point the finger, it ultimately falls at the feet of this coaching staff. We really can’t put the onus on any one area without including Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan.Dak Prescott hasn’t even remotely resembled a franchise quarterback but who’s job was it to develop him? It was Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan who took the franchise forward with Prescott in the first place. They decided that he had the skills to be their guy going forward and 2016 validated that. However, they have yet to even decide what he can and can’t do which is absolutely inexcusable. What they want is a pure pocket-passing quarterback but that’s not what they have. They have an athletically-gifted mobile quarterback that can succeed in a tailored-offense around his abilities.Linehan has yet to accept Dak’s limitations or accentuate his strengths and when he does, it’s short-lived. There are almost no designed quarterback runs and play-action isn’t used enough though it’s critical for Prescott’s success. If anyone is curious as to why this offense can’t function unless everything is perfect, look no further than those who have created the environment. There are so many folks out there using Prescott’s struggles as a way to defend this coaching staff but what trust have these coaches earned lately? Right now, you see a staff that has almost no grasp of the roster. Prescott is certainly responsible for his own miscues in these losses but the fact that he’s required to play perfectly to win is the definition of coaching incompetence in the NFL. If Norv Turner can find success working with Cam Newton, who is also not a natural pocket-passer that makes mistakes, what’s that say about the Cowboys coaches?This past offseason was the front office doubling down on their trust in Garrett and Linehan. Garrett and Linehan were behind an offseason overhaul of position coaches that included hiring a quarterback’s coach with less NFL game experience than the starter. Garrett and Linehan also brought in an offensive line coach who’s philosophical changes got him fired mid-season. Now www.thecowboysfootballauthentic.com , the once-perceived strength on offense is a complete mystery from week to week which can’t happen with the resources they spent in that area. The lack of execution by these players is directly related to a scheme that hasn’t evolved around the quarterback. We have seen enough already that would suggest this current coaching staff is not going to evolve the scheme around Dak Prescott. If that’s the case then there’s no way for the two entities to coexist. Jerry Jones has already guaranteed that Dak Prescott will be around for the foreseeable future and will get an extension. What that really means is that Prescott will be evaluated right up until at least 2020. After that, there are options like the franchise tag that could prolong making a long-term financial decision.Both Jason Garrett and Scott Linehan were given just about everything they could ask from ownership. Even when they admitted they made a mistake at receiver, they were rewarded with the addition of Amari Cooper at the price was next year’s first-round pick. When you consider how young this team is and the pieces they have, now is not the time to blow up the roster. So far, we have seen much more creativity in their ability to lose games rather than win games. Every single decision that has been made over the past three seasons was at the behest of the current regime and they have failed. If Garrett and Linehan can’t win with these players, it’s time they find someone who can.Advanced Stats: Cowboys could have redzone success against Jags, but third downs will be a tall order Everybody knows that the Jacksonville Jaguars have one of the best defenses in the NFL.This is going to be a challenge for the Cowboys as they look to keep picking up a win for every loss this season. Their hands are going to be full with a Jacksonville unit that is loaded at all three levels. It goes beyond the simple fact that the Jags defense is good, though. Yes, they’re extremely talented, but where are they talented. Thankfully for us we have Bill Connelly’s methodology at SB Nation to pull from. RED ZONE: The advantage could belong to Dallas shockinglyTo start things off we need to talk about scoring points since that’s kind of the point of offense in general. I think, I’ve been watching the Cowboys so I’m unsure.There are explanations as to what each statistic outlined here is and how it’s measured Dallas Cowboys T-Shirt , they’re all over at Connelly’s stat page which is definitely worth your time. Most of them are self-explanatory and in terms of the colors, the more blue you are the better, the more orange you are the opposite. You can also look at the Jaguars offense versus the Cowboys defense (or any combination of two teams across the league), but obviously we’re looking at Jacksonville’s defensive side of the ball versus the Cowboys offense since it’s their strength and our Achilles heel.(Cowboys are the left column, Jaguars are the right) The thing that jumps out right away is goal line success rate. Connelly outlines as follows:The Cowboys are very good at this when they get in the red zone, in fact they’re actually the best in the NFL at it. Jacksonville is near the back end of the league as they are obviously allowing the necessary yardage to be picked up on respective downs in that part of the field.This information is obviously very frustrating given the fact that Jason Garrett didn’t go for it on 4th and 1 in Houston last week, but what it suggests is that the Cowboys are great at picking up short yardage. If Dallas gets an opportunity to knock on the door against the Jags then odds are they’re going to break through it.THIRD DOWN: Jacksonville is very good at thisWhile the Cowboys have a shot at capitalizing if they get inside the Jacksonville 3-yard line (all they have to do is cover 97 yards, no big deal) they’ll likely have to face some third downs in order to do so. Jacksonville doesn’t like to let people past them on third down.(Cowboys are the left column, Jaguars are the right)That’s a whole lot of orange and orange-ish colors on the Cowboys side of things, and almost a totally blue side for the Jaguars. Gulp.Dallas is 17/60 on third downs for the season, but what’s strange is where they are the worst is in the third-and-short category of all places. Here’s how Connelly defines that.It’s actually wild to believe that the Cowboys are statistically more successful at converting 3rd and 1+ than they are at converting 3rd and 1 Dallas Cowboys Hats , but it makes sense given how the season has gone. What’s more is not only are the Cowboys not so good at this, but the Jaguars are generally solid at holding opponents. The Cowboys will have to overcome great odds here.BLITZ DOWNS: The Jaguars are going to send pressure, and it normally worksJacksonville is not only very good at every level of their defense, they’re also very fast. It’s hard to beat speed no matter where it is on a football field. Dallas has had trouble moving the ball in general this season so it’s likely not going to bode well if Dak Prescott has pressure in his face when having to do so. Look at where things stack up.(Cowboys are the left column, Jaguars are the right)The way that blitz downs success rate is defined isn’t going to make you feel much better, but for the purposes of the exercise let’s have at it. When blitzes happen the Cowboys are the worst at getting what they want/need. Meanwhile the Jaguars are the second-best in the NFL at it. You can bet your bottom dollar that they’re going to be turning the heat up because of this. The Cowboys offensive line has definitely had better seasons than they’re currently having, but they’re still playing like one of the better units in the NFL. This game is going to demand everything they’ve got because they’re going to have to stop the Jaguars and stop them rather quickly or things could get ugly.There are plenty of other statistics to play around with, these are just a few that we thought stood out. Once again I’d encourage you to check out Bill Connelly’s methodology and since I’m a nice guy you don’t even have to scroll all the way back up. Just click right here.Did this information change the way that you felt entering Sunday afternoon? Are you more or less confident in any one particular element of what’s to come? www.nflshopoutlet.com/baltimore-ravens

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    Dallas Cowboys Hats
    Dallas Cowboys Hats
    At 3-5 Womens Customized Dallas Cowboys Jerseys , the Cowboys are a bad football team and we can emphatically say that without the need for ...