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Also, a third party client RS gold

Also, a third party client RS gold buy-out could result in an increase of third party development which is not exactly what Jagex wants, not only because people will cheat but for safety of its customers as well as the company pride. Normally, buying out a business because they made something better for the game than you did yourself isn't going to impress any investor about your internal development team and leadership group. If they require a customer didn't leadership identify this and also have one made internally?

Not accepted Camertime but I will respond to your points. Fully admit I tried to validate my opinion using a title I have made. Saying something is essential because it pertains to the original game that was tried to mimic is a fantastic point. This edition of runescape has shifted from that which 2007scape was so that doesn't hold as much weight. Stating something is obsolete and awful pretty much supports you should consider something.

You speak about existing customers but continue to relate how the"poor" (your words) client is what keeps you around. You just might not be THE customer that osrs is later. Based upon the responses of the crowd it would appear the majority would favor an updated customer vs. an obsolete one. I did tackle the higher cost that comes with acquiring the customer beyond only the acquisition cost. The point I was attempting to make was you place one person permanently on claiming that client to the present version of runescape and NOT incorporating new features. This helps eliminate the growth of buy 2007 runescape gold what 3pc develop. It's no 3rd party growth when the customer is bought by them and bring it in house.