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get an easy Madden 20 coins field goal

Time doesn't matter. I lost in the divisional round because I transferred the ball down the field and based it to get an easy Madden 20 coins field goal. Except when they shot my RB off the area they did not call out time. So time perished before they could kick. We went to OT and never got a chance. Crosby also finished the year 1-12 in death with 1 TD. Why? Since every time we stalled out inside the 10 the AI would attempt a fake field goal. Why?? This ended up breaking an important match in the regular season where Madden again went to OT and I never got a chance.

I led the league in 2 TD returns and punt return yardage. So I added into the celebrity factor the return perk. They stopped letting me return punts except once I did so? I was the top rated punt returner on the depth chart but they allow the kicks are returned by the two ups instead. The perk was removed by me and that I was able to return punts. Is there anything I could do using sliders or settings to fix Aaron Rodgers? He's down to an 82 over all this year and I'm worried at this rate I will ruin his chances in the HOF.

Same reason I don't play"The Moments". The AI decision making is completely horrendous to your team, but flawless for the opposition.Madden is known for shitty simulation execution. Focus is on playing games manually, whole team, not just one Madden player, each game, to repair bullshit with your hands, as entire game is built around on-field game play. Also to buy Madden nfl 20 coins tweak sliders to correct as much stupidity as you can, they do help a little with that, for either side. Like, which makes all running plays function, for one.Are you me? I recently got Madden after a long layoff and started a RB on the Packers. No awareness in any way.