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Luring happens RS gold daily

Luring happens RS gold daily, with posts everyday about people getting convinced to leave their abby creatures spot receive pked for full Torva + scythe and to return to the monk of Zamorak on this reddit. Some guy will get 200mil and probably rwts it while a runescape participant who wanted exp lost everything.Is that a fantastic experience for runescape? What is the wilderness really currently offering at this point besides malicious methods for rwting it after and obtaining gp? There have been plenty of thoughts for runescape with abilities and things and Jagex often only says"it would be too broken in PvP". What? For the 3 people who do it? Why is PvP being used as an excuse to not do changes for the remainder of runescape?

Went into 07 because it offers them PvP and a bigger community with balancing changes. Keep it into minigames, make minigames good by putting better rewards and making PvP a fun experience instead if you want PvP in RS3. I recall when defenders were made they were just like"yeah gotta make certain defenders are not broken in PvP". What a shame if a couple of people used a defender something that is non-existent, in PvP. Gotta make certain that it doesn't stall your character. It is just a massive waste of time when PvP is dead, QA'ing all these new things.

Wildy should be with roaming creatures like article prohibit, a property make them scary af as to have people running on sight from them, I remember people at Green Dragons whenever there came a Knight in to buy old school runescape gold make chaos working.