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Nowadays hoverboard and also their parts, accessories is a hot topic. Now that you have your any hoverboard brand and want to ride at night but there is no led light in your hoverboard. A little while back the list of Hoverboard Shoes which has Led Up Flashing Lights have been let out to ride at night. Why these Led Light Up Flashing Shoes are known as Hoverboard Shoes, Coz they have a great connection with your hoverboard at night when you have needed more visibility to prevent from falling or accidents.

Today these Hoverboard Shoes are the most popular that have been bought online by hoverboard riders, Here in this article you will find these Top 15 Hoverboard Shoes for men, women and also introduced you to a fresh list of Hoverboard shoes 2017, but let me tell you how to use these Shoes. The led lights fixed on the shoe sole and inside the shoe, there is a Switch to ON, OFF. The Switch have to press 9 times,  AT First, 7 times presses the led lights to change their colors and 8th press,  the lights convert to an auto-changing mode and last 9th press the lights go to OFF.

The Hoverboard Shoes come with USB Cord, So you can easily charge them with your Pc or Laptop. The USB charging Cord can be plugged in every shoe, So you have don’t worry about their batteries.