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After rising to 105,000 players simultaneously shortly after arriving at Early Access, Realm Royale has lost 97 percent of its regular audience. According to the GitHyp video game statistics platform, the popularity of the Hi-Rez Studios class battle royale dropped dramatically to around 3,000 concurrent players in two months. Although the developer has enjoyed success with the first person MOBA Paladins, who sat comfortably in the top 25 most played games on Steam, his exploration of the battle royale has been more tried.

This is a familiar story at this time: Last year, Boss Key Law Breakers failed to find an audience after launching behind PUBG's huge popularity, and the studio's attempt to join the trend of battle royale with Radical Heights proved too little, too late to save Key Boss from closing the door. As Fortnite has faded PUBG in popularity, the studio jumping into battle royale found it difficult to attract and retain players. Furthermore,You can buy cheap Realm Royale Crowns Top Up at mmocs.com by using the code “MMOCSVIP” for a 3% discount.

For those who don't know, Realm Royale is a spin-off from the hero Paladins shooter. The main gimmick (and let's be honest with myself here, this is fantastic) is that players are turned into chickens when they are defeated. Despite this beautiful creativity, Realm Royale's playerbase is rapidly shrinking. According to Eurogamer, the game peaked at 105,440 players on June 10, but only registered 5,561 this past Wednesday. That was a surprising decrease of only 95%, in just over two months.

Even if the bubble has exploded on this particular title, the overall battle genre of Royale will be very difficult to shift. With Fortnite's successful barnorming success (and hope that PUBG will succeed in 'improving the game' and regaining momentum), it doesn't look as though the concept itself is going anywhere.