Thieves and bots always do the wow classic gold


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wow classic gold
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Thieves and bots always do the wow classic gold Entire large amountWhen they are not, it may raise a flag on blizzard's conclusion, but when everything is still coming from the exact same IP address there would not be an issue there.

Uhm...I guess there's no"safe" option...I mean trading gold is totally legit no matter if it is per mail or character to personality trade. . .but based on how much you really exchange there is always the risk that the machine or whatever they must find such things judges you as bot or prohibited deal. . .so either simply try it and wait patiently if anything happend or go the safe way and produce a ticket before you trade it over so you've got proof that it's actually your own gold.

Simply open the help tab ingame and click on open a ticket and clarify the circumstance. . .it's not mandatory but what I mean is that IF there's a system which thinks your trade is somehow questionable (buyed with real life money, botting etc.) then it would be a lot easier to have the"okay" of this support before it occurs otherwise it might take longer until they can remove the sanctions since they have to examine it first.

For example I had been questing in deepholm together with my shaman and utilized farsight to explore the ceiling and somehow I glitched through and discovered a zone in which the developers experimented around. . .ofc there's absolutely no category for cheap classic wow gold this so I just picked any snd inquired if it might have some consequences I have begun a few small companies and some hobbycrafting on the medial side. I use comparable procedures of monitoring and inventory like in wow, spreadsheets, binders, note programs, etc.if I explore it like this I mean that there was a time when you didn't need to categorize anything I guess they won't punish you only because there is no category for what you will need assistance with.

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