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That sounds more like a Jagex thing that only a low staff thing. It's not like if the entire company was operating on OSRS gold that they never had any difficulties with moderation or any network problems. They have been growing a ton and trying to handle a bunch of issues.

However, with how many difficulties players may point to, even when the entire business worked solely on OSRS there is still a limit to how quickly the issues can be resolved. Just like they said how they were planning to tackle the Duel Arena in ancient 2021 before the neighborhood outcry and the neighborhood has already moved onto that topic to find other problems that require attention.

Pretty much, it's a great deal easier and quicker to find flaws than to mend them, but they have been making a genuine effort. Like creating a C++ client for steam is a fairly big deal for how small the neighborhood seems to have responded. It is not a direct resolution like suddenly having runelite since the official client on all platforms, but it's a step towards a lot of things we have been asking for for years.

 I fear that osrs getting the main cash cow incentivises jagex to push for more cash catching practices in the game.

I am hoping it reveals Jagex that you don't require intrusive MTX to make something that's very rewarding in Cheap Runescape gold this era.Very farfetched but yeProbably not likely to get eliminated completely. However, I understand RS3 players have desired an MTX reform and Jagex talked about doing it before making a couple of small adjustments and then deciding not to follow through.

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