And if the sub increases are out of OSRS


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However, with how many difficulties players may point to, even when the entire company functioned exclusively on OSRS gold there's still a limit to how fast the difficulties can be resolved. Like they said how they were likely to tackle the Duel Arena in ancient 2021 prior to the neighborhood outcry and the neighborhood has moved onto that subject to find other problems that require attention.

I worry that osrs becoming the main cash cow incentivises jagex to drive for more cash catching practices in the game.

I'm hoping it reveals Jagex that you don't require intrusive MTX to create a product that's very rewarding in this era. They could definitely add MTX to OSRS, but it would be quite short sighted.Very farfetched but yeLikely unlikely to receive eliminated completely.

At least from what I have seen on the subreddit and such, many RS3 players aren't a lover of MTX but a lot of them would be a lot happier with it is that they toned down or eliminated the P2W elements (e.g. purchasing exp) and pushed less MTX advertising (or at least had more actual upgrades per week after week of MTX promos and little else).

Interesting. So maybe all of the Buy Rs gold pushback on MTX did have any repercussions after all. And if the sub increases are out of OSRS, that's probably why we have seen such substantial investment in developing OSRS within the last few months.I wonder how it will look for 2020.

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