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Yeah it is just publishers being covetous is . They will take Stadias money while it continues and only ignore the actual consumer. Sports games are predominantly played in consoles. They are receiving their micro trades from that crowd.

They're being offered cash hand over fist by google to mt nba 2k21 make their games exclusive while also taking a smaller reduction (less then the normal 30 percent ) of those transactions.

They will discount the GFN base for this money until Stadia goes under. And most of us know it will. They're dumping money into matches and not fixing their shitty tech or business version. GFN is exactly what everyone was looking for. A means to play with their PC games from the couch.

Not another shop or launcher to deal with. Hopefully the devs of those"AAA" resize this sooner rather then later.

I really don't know man...I believe Stadia is gont win this race, not because of their technology, but just because they'll have each of the games. If Stadia is the only way to stream another AAA title people are going to use it.

In that case it's more likely to buy nba 2k21 mt coins end up being a Stadia vs Shadow thing, together with Geforce NOW entirely out of the film as a game streaming service or one which just works with Steam/Valve matches... I concur with GFN needing to do some thing to get games back. I really don't know whether that's charging more so they could pay publishers or not although I see stadia only being able to hold on for a couple of reasons but the ending is coming.

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