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. Make it more exciting! You already compete with groups together with the points system depending on your offer to the Madden 21 coins player but how about: Your teams market can play a big part in registering someone. Depending on the player. Injured players will be more economical and signal smaller prices or even only a minimum to establish themselves.

Most players seem like they lost five gallons of their heads are the size of a plum.

They look goofy and pretty much equal to one another. Give us more styles, more body shapes, running styles, passing designs, etc.. Edit: Added a couple more and it is mostly off the top of my mind and what my friends and I have talked about.

So much. Also if they just worked on Mmoexp Mut 21 coins uniforms (create them go slightly independent of the player, flap in wind, so they feel like clothing hanging from a player and not a uniform paint job on a version ). . Think hair physics but with outfits.

And eliminate role certain updates, let me spend things on whatever I want. Sometimes I want to upgrade the injury score so when I'm reckless with my QB he won't get hurt yes. The ratings upgrade is sooooooo shallow. Another example is using WRs. You can't improve their running features (juke, spin, elusiveness, etc) even though running is a huge part of enjoying the position.

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