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Kick them out the league?

Id rather play with someone who is nba 2k21 mt coins trash at the match than with someone who's good and is a dribble god/ chuck up 3s.

When the video game allows it how do you apply someone not doing it? Thats been the issue. 2k enables for these animations thus its the"meta" to win matches.

It is a personal league so you simply follow the rules. A lot of private leagues create it where a few badges are banned from use just like Heart Crusher. Individuals simply follow the rules.

Just how are you going to enforce something once the game allows it. The consumer can physically stand at the corner. The other user can still set screens on very top. And the other user may still do a curry slip. It's not like their controller will not physically let them perform it.

Lol you watching game film of everyone's game to be certain they don't curry slip or stand in the corner for longer then 3 seconds or set more then two consecutive screen?

The other team just has to cheap mt nba 2k21 clip it and submit. Ive seen this done on myleague online leagues all the time.You'd get disqualified. You can certainly do the curry slip from what it looks like. Just not junk it. If a person violates the rules they simply get the L for the league game. Its personal matchmaking so it doesn't move towards any 2K documents or anything.

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