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 Didn't they say they'd be publishing new events on nba 2k21 mt coins before the playoffs finish/draft moment?

 It's coming out in the late 20's. The pandemic awakened the schedule. Rookie cards, free agents, winners, ect need to be made. Possibly or they're waiting for the elongated season to finish or next gen to be released first. I mean it is kinda obvious. They have to watch for the new season to start if they want the game to be different.

 I'm one of those few people who use the pro stick to take NBA 2K 21, but ever since upgrade 1.02, every time that I play a match in the area or in the rec every time I get a green shot in the center of the meter I get kicked from this game or other players do. This pops up nearly every single time I get a greenlight. If you're getting kicked out of Park games following greening a shot, turn away Shot Feedback. Devs are conscious of the issue and working on a repair.

 It's funny the way the teams with the most attendance used theatrical lighting, whereas others like Charlotte do not. You would think teams with awful attendance/empty seats are the first to use this light. Lol what if they are like"yo look at the number of chairs we have available!

 Yeah not a great deal of buy mt nba 2k21 teams used it, likely because it's quite costly. The Hornets highlights that I have seen always has this strong light everywhere IIRC It is simply too much. Idk what we have done, but your fans actually enjoy punching down on us northerners.

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