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 Lol what if they're like"yo look at how many seats we have open! You can come watch when the mt nba 2k21 Wolves come to town and pay like $70 to sit in row 30" The Hornets highlights that I have seen always has this strong light everywhere IIRC It's simply too much. Idk what we've done, but your fans actually enjoy punching down on us northerners.

 And having cousins all over Toronto tear on us does not help.

 Did not know Canadians were courageous enough to go to Detroit. Then again... I guess it is not the 80s or 90s anymore and Detroit is pretty secure. So nvm. .

 I mean why would you think specifically Canadians more than other Americans could have been afraid to enter Detroit.

 What I do not get is the punching down. The only people I ever see ripping on the pistons are Raptors lovers. And some of y’all get real snobby about phoning LC a second, which will piss off any lover, keep in mind the Chicago-Milwaukee series?

 But like appearance at this cat, next period in a week he's coming with shots. Just punch in your level. And when you're gonna hit down, at least have some sorta history behind it. This ai not no Lakers-Kings or even Cavs-Raptors Big-Little brother thing.

 Wait that the Raptors look at the buy nba 2k21 mt coins forefront last year was intentional? I believed it was just a lousy stream or a lower quality camera or some thing, but all the games seemed washed out and grainy to me.

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