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تازیخ & زمان دی 4 '20
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So I introduced the Packers into NBA 2k19 and made my group. I then did that with 2k20, and I am having fun with it.

Nope, and it is not available on Xbox One, therefore I can't play it anyway. I favor NFL over NBA but perform NBA 2k20 because of the expansion team attribute, making Myleague infinitely better than Madden 21 coins franchise mode.

I want the"relocation teams" in business style was customizable, even just letting us create custom team colours and jerseys would be good Gonna be honest, witnessing this live along with the amount of laughter I would have made. . .that may have produced the 60 dollar price tag worthwhile.

Yeah I know, I honestly think that it's disrespectful to the athletes around the covers. Like I know they still getting mad dollars for the promo but nevertheless... If my image has been promoted I need it to be some thing pleasant not something an 11yo can do Proper? You've got those who've grown up playing with these games, and they've always wanted to be on the pay. And thenthey do this.

If NFL teams can perform their Media Day with cheap Mut 21 coins an entire group, EA should at least be able to get professional shots of Lamar Jackson and Kylian Mbappé.

I am gonna say that in my next powerpoint I left in 5 minutes that the morning before the presentation.

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