This movie was just a bunch of Madden 21 coins


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Madden 21 coins
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 Stop asking"large corporate" to alter. They do not care. They'll take all money if it is buck or 60. Seriously. This movie was just a bunch of Madden 21 coins whining by somebody who thinks he is a lot more important than he really is. Along with his promise that a video game not meeting expectations is hurting the NFL's brand is just too ridiculous to be taken seriously.

  The NFL is the biggest, most profitable sports league on the planet, so that I doubt that they are worried about the impact some disappointed and entitled gamers are going to have on the league's brand.

I zoned out half way through and came back about in the rant about how someone said his videos do not matter to the community. Yeah pretty much someone who thinks he's more important than he is.I agree the game is crap but this video is almost as bad.I haven't compensated for madden since 2010, this mentality only works if a vast majority play together. At some stage whales and people who don't care pay enough to drown out boycotts/criticisms.The people buying the matches did not click with this thread.

And right after he says"I can't since I deleted Twitter".This man's entire channel is a large EA despise boner.In some ways, it's quite ironic really with the way he obviously milks those videos, in a similar respect to buy Madden nfl 21 coins how EA milks their games out.Btw I'm not sure if ironic would be the right word as English is not my first language so please do correct me.Did not make it into the 1:00 minute mark.

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