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 I personally play single player on nba 2k21 mt coins MyTeam, but I really like collecting cards so it was rough in the beginning seeing 1-5 cards at a time available. Now, there's a selection so that's awesome to see the community growing. Im not a lover although been there since November.. And we're seeing that we are becoming more players.

Same, if it had been available, I can't remember, day one for creators but I am pretty sure I got it I got my creators edition. Furthermore, if you're speaking about MyCareer, there's been a difference in players month! Give an attempt to MyTeam In case you have a chance. I used to do MyGM and MyCareer but getting into MyTeam in 2K19 has been lots of fun. I love Domination and this season they put more challenges for single player. I love playing with players that's are unavailable through other modes. All I want is for them to make a Michael Pietrus card and I have my large 3 from 2k12 lol).

I'm giving my team a try and loving it. Nice, only be careful with these packs if you utilize them, I moved down that dark rabbit hole in 2K19. I don't even understand what I am doing I just get bored cause it's difficult to find matches. I don't play unlimited, I am doing the challenges to get Larry Bird, and after I complete that, I will attempt to find the Kobe card by doing all the spotlight challenges. Then I have Triple hazard and domination.

Start somewhere where you have fun and buy mt nba 2k21 only slowly build your team, if it's not for you personally and you don't wish to grind, then I recommend doing MyLeague and producing your final team in the event that you just want to dominate with some of your favourite players! I started doing threat which seems enjoyable. Have not tried the other challengers I'll see. I thought it was a card game but that is cool. 

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