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buy classic wow gold
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Legion had stuff I did not enjoy but wow classic gold I would be hardpressed to actually recall them.Expressing your view on how good/bad any growth was is dangerous territory on this sub.But yeah,imo Legion was among the best.Best growth to date, no debate. Anyone else that says differently is simply chasing nostalgia.

In myview should have only got rid of this mythical system. Really ruined the name legendary and has been the equivalent of obtaining ablue from a rare. Not really exciting compared to getting different legendaries like preceding expansions that required some timeand effort to get em.U wot? Legendaries at Legion were massive, many altered gameplay hugely for the classes that got themand youbelieve that the"old" legendaries were better?

 The majority of them only had high stats and no real impact on gameplay...The maindifficulty was that they kept doubling back on the machine after it had obviously failed. It could've only been"that weird thingwe needed to cope with for one spot," but instead they let it leave a black mark on the entire expansion.Edit: miracle that memberof the dev team downvoted me.

Even though I hated the buy classic wow gold legendary system, everything else about the growth was great. . Suramar mayvery well be my favourite area/story ever.Legion was the best expansion since WotLK for me. 

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