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There is a satisfying complexity to the Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells way your skills branch out within the course of a fight based on what state you and your opponent are in. Getting grabbed or knocked on your back will swap the skills on your hotkey bar for situational abilities that could be suitably timed to help swing the fight back into your favor. Playing as my destroyer, a nicely timed counter could send my opponent flying, opening them up to the punishment of a pile driver.

Sadly, outside of the arena, combat does not have the exact same effect--notably against the countless monsters on the trip to the endgame. Though most will make some effort to mimic the skills used when fighting other players, they are hardly a substitute. I discovered the overall difficulty of a lot of the PvE combat to be disappointingly simple. Rather than lively and challenging combat, fighting most of the computer controlled enemies turned into a boring routine. As with other MMOs, I spammed the same rotations of skills over and over again since I cleaved my way across the world while eying my encounter bar as if it had been the hands of a clock on the last day of school.

This is where the tension in Animal Crossing Items and Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells's aspirations to be an MMO and a highly competitive fighting game is in its worst. And where I wish that the entire MMO aspect can be made optional or done away with completely. But since it is, I just can not imagine lots of the competitive players Animal Crossing Items and Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells could bring are going to look kindly on investing that time before they can even get to the good part of the game.

Without other distractions like Animal Crossing Items for sale home or even more comprehensive crafting, Animal Crossing Items and Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells feels pretty mild. Outside of the PvP, it's just the exact same grind that has done much better in other games. 

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