The lender notifies you of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells


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The lender notifies you of Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells a lower interest rate to your account (that is very likely to curb the all-too-quick street to riches many players have obtained ) and attaches a gift of a rug shaped like a bag of bells. As for Nintendo, their message thanks you for downloading the upgrade and gives you a decorative globe map to hang the wall.Outside of slashing your interest rate (it's uncertain how much the rate has changed), these freebies are welcome.

This update brings four occasions that are sure to keep things interesting for a while, although not one. Following is a rundown of what we know about each one.Nature Day (April 23 to May 4): Your island will probably have fun,"eco-friendly" Nook Miles objectives that center around planting shrubs and enjoying nature. As soon as you've completed one of them, talk to Tom Nook and he'll reward you with a DIY crafting recipe for hedges, which may can be put around your island together with the fencing tool.

May Day Tour (May 1 to 7): Mystery Island Tours, which are randomly-generated islands it is possible to visit, will have a distinctive offering during the first week of May. During this period of time, you can acquire a May Day ticket which transports you to a never-before-seen and distinctive island.

 From the trailer out of Nintendo, it comprised a hedge maze and a brief hint that Rover, a personality Animal Crossing veterans will understand from previous installments, is about to all animal crossing items new horizons make his first appearance in New Horizons.International Museum Day (May 18 to 31): After May Day Tour, players may take part in a Stamp Rally. This involves getting a stamp card which may be filled by viewing exhibits within the museum to make a reward.

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