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Wines of Zamorak - Accessible to everyone. This method is among the most famous money making methods for free to play OSRS gold players. This method involves using the telekinetic grab spell to sneak wines of Zamorak from the chaos temple of Asgarnia. The telekinetic catch spell takes RuneScape players to really have a degree of thirty-three so that's the requirement for this method. 

It is suggested that RuneScape players attract a staff of air, law runes, and a few magician thoughts bombs to do this method most effectively. For RuneScape players with lower levels, RuneScape players must leave the temple once a wine is taken since the monks will get angry and attack. Once the wine has reappeared the ideal method is to enter the temple.

RuneScape players who have reached a entire level of 500 will go up the ladder in the temple when wearing a full Zamorak monk outfit. This makes this method much easier as there is a wine upstairs which is must easier to obtain.

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