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Subclasses will stop leveling at level 55, meaning play it to complete getting it and you will need to swap it on meseta pso2 their own. This can be done at the skill counter at the main lobby. So don't worry about ruining your primary course your Ability Tree is going to be saved, and you can save outside your load to change gear. If you're switching between classes, such as a ranged course to some melee one, it is best to have a separate mag so you don't lose out on stats.

Obtaining a subclass usually means a filled-out skill tree, which can help your course. Another reason is to acquire stat bonuses. In general, a class that is most important receives 20 percent of a subclass's stats. 

But at max level, you obtain a class name that, when equipped, supplies an account-wide stat boost. Every course has a title, so try maxing out another course, if there stats you need. You can level another classes just for fun. Course levels and skill Trees are kept so it is possible to level them all. You are able to stick with courses that work with your mag if you do not want to obtain an additional mag for your stat changes.

You might have noticed class coaches possess a quest that requires class. At par 75, the encounter bar keeps moving, but buy PSO2 Meseta rather than leveling up, you gain an Ex-Cube to your class. There are four total skill stage quests requiring quantities of course Ex-Cubes every moment. 

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