I concur with you that comes down to the OSRS gold


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I concur with you that comes down to the OSRS gold art/graphics staff not doing a fantastic job maintaining consistency, although that articles appears inconsistent with content in osrs. 

You could have that problem at any level of quality. 

I'm not sure why you think the team having to keep up a second version of graphics would make that. There is a crazy degree of inconsistency in it, and some seem amazing, 

although I mean consider RS3 the worst areas of it have more contemporary graphics compared to OSRS.

Together with the management this survey is attempting to haul people's remarks, I am very, very, very afraid. Repeatable quests, HD customers, once more hoping to push new 

skills, etc.. Questions about how polling content works specifically is frightening, provided Jagex's recent penchant for only compelling content which has failed multiple polls through as ethics upgrades.

And of course: Asking for individuals favourite games, location of residence, employment status, as well as their PHONE NUMBER is very inappropriate for this type of survey. 

Appears enjoy an attempt for gathering marketing data for sale.

Editing this in today that I think about it The more I think about the phone number bit it feels to be Buy Runescape gold honest. All of us know completely well that Jagex isn't going to call anyone who answers this poll. Leading people to give their personal information into a survey under the guise of"Wow you are so smart, maybe we'll call you to your opinions on forthcoming stuff!" Is absolutely disgusting, and if anything else, I didn't respond extreme enough.

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