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The for Gunner are Fighter or Hunter. When paired with Fighter, Gunner has the highest damage output in PSO2 Meseta. With this construct since they can attack while rolling and possess the dodge gunner's mobility is important. Hunter doesn't offer as Fighter as much attack but adds durability.

 Ranger is a good choice due to its abilities that are ranged and provides a few utility choices that Gunner doesn't have. And if you would like a magical cowboy (or girl) Summoner is the pick. As a sub-class, Gunner does not offer many useful skills. But, you might be able to get a niche application for it.

Hunter would be to Fighter as Force would be to Techter. Techter offers the most useful abilities, boosting PP retrieval and rounding bonuses out. There is another option, although it is the obvious best choice. 

Summoner doesn't have as PP management but lets Force concentrate more on single-target damage that is severe, which makes it great for bosses. Fighter is a damage choice, but you'll be hurting for PP when projecting. Force is not a subclass, no matter how far you might choose to utilize a caster. Since crime Techs are not really used by any course, its Skill Tree works for itself.

The best subclass for buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta Techter, like most, is Fighter or Hunter. Fighter will let you lay into enemies with your own wand whilst fostering your Fury and Techs. Hunter will provide more durability while you buff yourself and heal, making a Techter nearly unkillable. Summoner is an option almost on par with Hunter if you don't want a. Grab Fury to be triggered by an All-Classes katana and throw with it. Techter can satisfy your hybrid mage craving and a few offensive techs but doesn't provide much else.

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