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Her first move, launch them from the Battle of Ragnaros, but to do that without risking the wow classic gold lives of her people? Well, how about we start a rumor about all of the purple loot Ragnaros let those same greedy adventurers that murdered her husband take care of the problem and is sitting? According to the lore, that's what Moira did to take her revenge but also to save the Dark boosters.

If you're Alliance, the narrative of the struggle with Onyxia and the raid Blackwing Lair starts with the lore connected Deadmines, to a dungeon. One of the final links in the quest series for Onyxia attunement is called"The Great Masquerade" when you figure out the noblewoman, Lady Prestor, who acts as a guide and adviser to the young King, is 

actually Onyxia at disguise.

How did this Lady Prestor arrive at such a notable status in the royal throne room anyway? That's where low-level Deadmines' lore and Onyxia, the greatest of managers connect together.

Once the mason's guild and the classic wow gold sellers nobles fought over who would pay for mending Stormwind lady Prestor came to power. The King, who paid them out of his own pocket disappeared, leaving his son in his location. Lady Prestor took advantage of this situation and turned into the leader of Stormwind until you expose her as Onyxia.

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