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 He sports dependable hands and mindset that he wishes to contribute in critical moments and come up Mut 20 coins big when it matters most. His legendary argument with Kirk Cousins on the sideline during a 2018 match against the Chicago Bears revealed how badly Thielen wants to win. The 2019 NFL year will shed light on how tight Thielen and Cousins became during the offseason.

Madden 20: Ranking The NFL's Best Wide Receivers

The NFL has hundreds of players, however there are only a couple of positions which are considered marquee in terms of marketing, value, and recognition. Wide receivers tend to acquire many of the highlights and headlines because of their over-the-top play, bombastic characters, and need for attention. Although the diva labels are often generalizations, there are plenty of top play-making wide receivers that fit the mold perfectly. It will take into account stats, wellness, consistency, and much more.

As a receiver, you aspire to play along with a talented quarterback who will make all the throws and send the ball to you with accuracy and confidence. Sometimes that could hurt you as your success can mostly be attributed to the signal-caller and lovers across the country overlook you at every turn. Davante Adams has had the luxury of playing Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, which has contributed to buy Madden 20 coins Adams being underrated and overlooked. Statistically, he's been one of the most productive and reliable targets the last couple of years and that he doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon.

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