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Over just a decade and buy wow classic gold a half for many of expertise. . .What took weeks to reach (lvl 60) I promise you will happen in no more than a couple of days for many. Likely not longer than three or just two to get me. (Depending on several things). 

Onyxia will be downed in less than a week from WoW Classic's launchwait. . .no there is her quest chain that is attuning that is horrible. . .After that is done it won't take a day for gold in wow classic her to be downed. Raggy be downed in a few hours tops. And Naxx?

 It won't be the 1% that experience it will be the 1 percent that don't encounter it.Even though, personally I'll play through, because I love WoW Classic (not because of recent), but I'm just afraid that some might have their hopes too high.

It's gont be amusing seeing all these people who never played with back Vanilla but now believe it was some sort of godsend match, understand they were and will return into the game. The majority of these children, some of whom were not born in 2004, don't understand how BAD the initial game was. 

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