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Some areas will be heavily changed than many others. Rogers ran by an act that was early through a morass, describing to me the way the land was tainted by a boss, then loaded up what that exact same area looked like in Part 2.

 Together with the boss dead it had reverted into a field, with enemies that were new to fight through.Wilson showed me a movie of the struggle and clarified that nobody on the PoE currency development staff had managed to conquer it yet with routine characters (even though it's possible). 

In their own, either The Elder or The Shaper is a supervisor that only the devoted Path of Exile players are able to best. Fighting both at exactly the exact same time? Fantastic luck. "It's created for the top, best, top players who don't have jobs and grind all day and everyone else gets to enjoy it via Twitch," Wilson laughs.

Obviously, people who do manage to beat the fight is Buy POE RMT going to be rewarded with a few powerful items. For the rest of us, howeverwe can enjoy heaps of new Fated Unique items which may be discovered via the Prophecy system, which may turn those crap Uniques you have into much more interesting endgame versions.

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