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It?s not a secret that female fitness models are the hottest girls you can parade in town. Who can?t help but lust over their toned physique and tight booties? You surely want to date one of them but how do you spot them? I do have few solutions for you:

Hit the gym

Going to the gym will give you the highest probability that you will find one. If you need some boost in the physical department Authentic J.J. Watt Jersey , be a regular in the gym and chances are, you might bump into a pretty fitness model. I am sure, as a guy, you have few effective pick up lines in mind. You may want to begin the conversation by asking how long had she been working out. If you?re more confident ask her what routines does she apply to tone her abs and her arms (Do not mention about her ass!). How about asking her some pointers on becoming more fit? At least you will have something in common.

Do not hint that you?re only there just to spot a sexy girl who you can ask for a date. Pretend to be very interested and dedicated on the treadmill. Don?t give out your primary intention of going to the gym by going near every lady in the room. Choose the one you like most and apply your ?hook up? strategies.

Visit a friend in the gym

If you do not like the idea of being in those sweat pants and plain shirts, you can still go to the gym and visit someone there whom you know. Of course, you would look more polish than the rest. Be aware with the people inside the room. If your eye caught a gorgeous girl who looks like a fitness model, ask her if she had seen that person you?re looking for. Yes it?s a lame excuse but at least you were able to start the conversation.

Join any sports related club

Don?t limit yourself into thinking that these women are only found in the gym whole day. They may be in the tennis club near you or having fun in the volleyball court. If you will be able to impress them with your moves, you get a good chance here. Girls like guys who appear to be strong, someone who exhibits strength and stamina. During the break, approach one of them and sport your sexiest smile.

Try your luck on any seasonal sports fest

They are actually everywhere clad in their skimpy sports attire especially on summer sports fests and maybe spring break. Show them your sporty side and more likely they will permit you to get to know them better.

On the Date

They may appear to be strong with their hard earned great physique, but like most girls, these fitness models would also want to be pampered. Think of a romantic dinner. Be unpredictable. After trying something posh, go sporty with her by asking her to try sports she did not have a chance to do before. (My tip: Go rock or wall climbing. It?s fun plus you get a good view of her ass when she?s ahead of you)

If you want to find one, get your ass moving. You may be able to spot the fitness model of your dreams but since these girls are health and body conscious, I bet they will prefer someone who has the abs as well. So to avoid further disappointment, trim down and look good before you ask them out.

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