The Big Switch-a-Roo In Hindi Free Download


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The Big Switch-a-Roo In Hindi Free Download

Cranky has just put the finishing touches on a Robot to help out in Bluster's Barrel Factory and brain transfer helmets. Both inventions can be very useful...in the right hands, that is. When King K. Rool learns about the helmets he immediately sends his two henchmen out after them! By the time Klump and Krusha get to Cranky's, Donkey Kong has had a chance to "play" with these new toys and inadvertently switches his brain with that of the Robot. Now Donkey Kong can finally follow orders, but Robot-Donkey Kong is off on a banana hunt. Wait! It gets worse. While running though the forest Klump bumps into Candy sending the helmet flying through 7cb1d79195

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