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Thakur is a wealthy, principled, and punctual man, who will not tolerate anything, even music in his palatial home. Thakur's only motto in life is money, and each and every second is spent on making and earning money. His elder son, Amar Kumar rebels against this, and is warned. But Amar does not heed this warning, and falls in love with a poor gypsy girl, Jyoti, and both elope in order to escape the wrath of his dad. Thakur second son, Pawan Kumar, is sent away abroad so that there are no lingering bad influences on his life. Years later, Pawan returns home, and is the exact cold-hearted and arrogant image as his dad. Amar and his wife give birth to a son, and Amar writes to his dad to forgive him. Shortly thereafter the couple pass away, leaving their son, with Jyoti's sister, Dilruba. Thakur decides to forgive his late son and asks Pawan to go and bring his grandson home. Pawan sets forth to get his nephew, with the help of MGM, and meets a host of less-than-fortunate people. His attitude does not get him anywhere with Dilruba and he is forced to assume another identity, that of Aashiq, to try and get his nephew home. He does succeed in pulling wool over Dilruba's eyes and both eventually fall in love with each other - little knowing that his dad has already planned his marriage with wealthy Meenakshi and if he refuses he may suffer the same fate as Amar. 7cb1d79195

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